Welcome to our Amazing Magical Adventures to Cuba page. We have teamed up with our partners at Ourcuba to provide one of a kind trips to the beautiful island of Cuba. We invite you to witness the island’s stunning natural beauty and the genuine warmth of its people. Discover Cuba’s pivotal history, dramatic architecture, and captivating culture. Revel in its ubiquitous pulsating music, dance and rum. Enjoy the safest most welcoming country in the Americas comfortably and hassle-free. We offer premium tours at great prices to experience the enchanting island that is Cuba. Contact one of our specialists at info@amazingmagicaladventures.com today to start planning.

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Weekend in Havana

Four magical days and three sensual nights in the Cuban capital known as the “Paris of the Americas.” A special getaway to relish music, dance, art and culture at an unbeatable price …

  • Four days from $1549

Havana extravaganza

Incredible offer A fabulous week of fun, frolic, and friendship. Culture, music, dance, nature and the beach. You’ll get to know Cuba together with locals eager to engage in …

  • Six days from $1949

Old Havana and the sea

Stay on the white sand beaches of magical Varadero, famed for its warm crystal clear waters. Experience Havana’s authentic culture, food, people, and rousing nightlife …

  • Five days from $1899

Cuba birding safari

Explore Cuba’s pristine bird habitats with the island’s “most loved birding expert” Dr. Xochitl Ayón Güemes of the Cuban Natural History Museum. Check off 24 endemics and hundreds…

  • Six days from $2099

Western Cuba culture

Visit UNESCO world heritage sites in Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos on this social and natural history expedition. Learn all about Cuban culture, and enjoy music, dance, arts …

  • Eight days from $2699

Just the jazz festival

Register now, prices will increase this fall   Focused Havana’s vibrant pulsating music and arts scene, this tour provides an opportunity to rub shoulders with musicians and know …

  • Seven days from $2349

Havana jazz fest plus

Sign up before October for lower prices   Experience acclaimed jazz musicians and get to know Cuba for nine rocking days. Enjoy great food and learn all about island culture …

  • Nine days from $2649

Wild Cuba adventure

Hike, bike and sail across awesome Cuba on this adventure romp with nature lovers. Much music, dance and time to mingle with locals. Experience an exotic tropical paradise …

  • Seven days from $2199

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